Tattoo history and a walk down memory lane.


A collection of photos from Tony's archives.


Illustrated Man William St

Ol faithful St Marys 1970



TC tattooing the Lifgo Flash & Bankstown Square.

TC & Brett The Village Tattoo Kings X early 70's

TC & Dutchy Oceanside Manly 1977

Oceanside Manly 1977

Oceanside tattoo manly 1977

Oceanside Tattoo Manly 1980

TC Oceanside Tattoo Manly 1977

The Ol Shoppe

The Ol Shoppe

Both Studios

Both Studios

TC Rosalynd St Kings X

Johnny Farrow, Charlie Wagner & TC

Doc Price, danny Skuse & TC

Terry Wrigley & Brooke

Early Show set up mid 80's

Fran & TC Harley Show mid 80's

Beauties and the Beast. Fran, Patsy, Wally, TC & Bev

Bev & TC

TC, Graham Iles & Fran

Work area Illustrated Man St Kilda 1982

A Flash little shop

Charlie Wagner, Tc & Fletch

Les Lee, Ronnie Reagan & TC

Jenny, TC, Val & Dutchy

The Johnny's Illustrated Man William St

Patsy & TC

Andre & TC

Paul & Lyn Breed Exeter UK

Tc Jed Hill & Jenny.

Tc Jed Hill & Jenny.

A very Young Jed Hill

Sailor Jerrys Shop Hawaii.

Andre's Traveling Tattoo Shop

Red Light Tattoo Kings X early 80's





Brett doing some work before the opening of The Illustrated Man St Kilda. 1982

Cindy Ray's Tattoo shop Melbourne

Doc Price

Arm & Greg Sleeve Masters Kings X

Stu Wrigley @ Terrys tattoo Glasgow.

Brett & TC Sydney Airport

Tattooing Johnny Winter Illustrated Man William St. Early 80's

TC & Angry

TC & Angry

TC, , Danny Robinson & Devo

Big Pete Blackman, Les Bowen, Dutchy, TC & Bill Philips

Brett & American Wrestler Ox Baker & TC @ Oceanside Manly 1978

Jenny tattooing Brett

I swear this kid had ID.

On the set Mad Max

My Tattoo Shop for Mad Max

With Albert Mad Max set.

On the set of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Elizabeth St Early on.

Freshly painted Illustrated Man Elizabeth St

Angry Anderson

The 3 amigos. Bill Philips & Les Lee

The Tattoo book launch

Wild Bill Sacramento 1980

Yep Thats me.

Decided I needed a bigger eagle

A young Angry Anderson Oceanside Manly

Doc price Oceanside Manly Late 70's

Doing Dutchys back piece.

Moorbank with Dutchy & Bill Philips

Legendary American Wrestler Ox Baker @ Oceanside Manly

More fun with Dutchy

Piercing Danny Robinsons ear.

Having a bit of fun with Dutchy



Early back piece St Marys

Dutchy Moorbank

Les Bowen Oceanside Manly

Jol Foster with Johnny Winter Illustrated Man William St. Mid 80's.

Shawn, Ian & Andre

Ted Zeek UK

Ted Zeek UK

Sleeve masters Kings X

Sleeve masters Kings X

Illustrated Man Elizabeth St

Bill Philips being tattooed by Nick the Greek

Paul Breed Exeter UK

Lyle & TC

Lyle & TC

Derek Higham, Terry Wrigley & Doc Price

TC, Lal Hardy & Brett

TC, Lal Hardy & Brett


TC & Libby

TC & Libby

TC & Libby

TC & Libby

Dave Diamond

Jenny & Brooke Blackpool UK

Bill Philips, Philadelphia Eddie & TC

TC Getting back piece by Doc Price

Bill Phillips and TC

Bill Phillips and TC

Johnny and Bobby Farrow

Johnny and Bobby Farrow

Des Connerly

Des Connerly

Lyle Tutle

Lyle Tutle

Wild Bill

Wild Bill

Brett, Stuart & Terry Wrigley @ the 1980 National Tattoo Convention Sacramento.

TC @ Terry Wrigleys Glasgow

Horigen tattooing TC

TC & Brian Setzer Stray Cats

Brett & Natalie Imbruglia

Brett & Toni Collette

Ed Hardy & TC

Illustrated Man William St



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